When you are looking to tighten your skin or add volume to accentuate your features, these
fillers are just for you.

Juvéderm™ is a FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler and does not require allergy testing that collagen used to need. Juvéderm™ comes in a thicker and a thinner version. The one we use for you depends on which areas of your face we are targeting and what we are trying to achieve. Tiny lines (eg. above the upper lip) and the under-eye area is more suitable for the thinner Juvéderm™ or Juvéderm™ Ultra, while for thicker folds or for building lost volume Juvéderm™ Ultra Plus is most suited. We also like Restylane® for fine lines around the mouth and the under eye area.

What areas of the face can Juvéderm™ be used?
Cheeks (thicker Juvéderm™ or you can use Radiesse®)
Lip and lip border as well as the fine lines on the upper lip
Nasolabial folds or the deep folds from the nose to the mouth.
Marionette Lines or the lines from the corners of the mouth down to the chin
Chin and all around the mouth
Jaw line
Under the eyes or “tear trough” (This is one of our favorite areas to treat as the results are always
satisfying for those with concavity around the lower eyes making them look tired.
Between the brows (used in conjunction with Botox®, for a deep fold in the area)

Juvéderm Voluma
Juvederm VolumaTM is relatively new to the United States but has been in the European and other global markets for some time. Brought to us by Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic and all previous juvederm products, Voluma is also a hyaluronic acid gel, a naturally occurring sugar in our bodies, but engineered and FDA approved for the treatment of “age related volume loss in the mid
We find Voluma TM to have excellent lifting and augmenting capacity in both the mid face and cheeks. However we have also found Voluma to be an excellent addition to the temples, chin and even on the lips! The smooth consistency, gentle lifting and intergration into the deep tissue make it one of our favorite fillers at skin specifics.
“Liquid Face Lift”
Another interesting and unique way is to use fillers to create a rested, more volume enhanced subtle lift to the face. We do not overfill your face or try to make you look like you did when you were a teenager. The results of this type of filling are subtle and as the tag line says “everyone will notice, but no one will know”. There seems to be trend towards plumping up everything as much as possible, but we caution you against this look that seems to be popular around town, making everyone look the same!

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