阿格涅斯美膚射頻 (AGNES)

Ultimate Solution for Acne

Do you have a solution for chronic relapsing Acne?

AGNES is the answer which is ultimate solution for acne.

The most significant benefits of AGNES treatment is to destroy sebaceous glands selectively without thermal injury of epidermis. That means no burn or damage to dpidermis but selective destruction of sebaceous gland. Tip of needle Radio Frequency comes out to break down the fiber coagulation deeper inside the scars to aggrevate new collagen reproduction.

Chronic Acne mostly come back on same spot, therefore the great benefit of AGNES is that patient’s acne never come back.

AGNES treatment requires 3 steps.
First, deep cleansing is required to prepare before AGNES including extraction of blackheads or pus.


Second, AGNES on targeted area.


Lastly, there will be another extraction of sebum debris. AGNES helps the debris to melt and transform into status to be extracted easily. It is really important step to prevent inflammation from leftover debris and exudate formed from destroyed sebaceous glands.