Aqua Injection

Aqua Injection

Innovative Approach to deliver deep skin hydration with hyaluronic acid

Youthful skin is naturally abounds with hyaluronic acid which decreases while we age. Hyaluronic acid secures moisture and creates fullness in skin. Aqua injection is an innovative approach to deliver deep skin hydration with hyaluronic acid.

Aqua injection enhances skin texture, its moisturizing capacity, elasticity by injecting hyaluronic acid directly into our skin. This treatment has been the secret behind Korean celebrities’ flawless and glowing skin. Recommended for people with dry skin, aqua injection will hydrate the skin and provide anti-aging effect that evens out the skin tone.

Customized Aqua Injection

The existing aqua injection using hyaluronic acid lasts only a month. In order for the effect to last longer, we mix PRP and other skin regeneration ingredient to improve regeneration ability of skin itself in addition to moisturizing. It helps long-lasting effects more than normal injection method. We also use micro-needle injections to provide even distribution with very minimal discomfort and downtime.

PRP works on the simple basis that by utilizing your own natural platelets to instruct the body to create new collagen you can create more tauter, smoother and better-toned skin

Cleopatra offers an advanced PRP method (AUTOLOGOUS GROWTH FACTOR, AKA AGF), which keeps leukocyte intact, and lysises the platelets to release more growth factors in the platelets. This method is more advanced than the typical PRP method because the effect is more long-lasting.

How does the Customized PRP injection work?

By injecting hyaluronic acid which adds moisture to dermis skin by using multi-neddles to inject evenly. With the injector, by injecting proper amount on accurate depth of skin such as the dermis layer, the hyaluronic acid stays and adding moistures to the skin.
The injection was done by the AQUAInjector Machine.

AQUAInjector Machine