Easy Lipo Solution (ELS)

What is Easy Lipo Solution(ELS) THERAPY ?
Easy Lipo Solution(ELS) is direct injection of Specially formulated EASY LIPO SOLUTION solutions on fat layer. It helps the main acting ingredient to directly affect and destroy fat cells. Ideal conditions for fat cells are 37.5° Celsius, 7.3 pH and an adequate blood supply. The main function of an EASY LIPO SOLUTION solution is to dissolve the fat cells’ living environment. An EASY LIPO SOLUTION solution cocktail induces PPC’s permeability to fat cells through pH, osmosis, and by changing the living environment of fat cells.

• Purpose: Fat cell destroy and dissolving
• Area: Cheek(Buccal) Fat Removal / Chin/Jaw line/ Abdomen/ Love-hadle/ Thighs
• Expectation:Can see the difference in 2-6 weeks and maximum in 3-4 months
• Down Time: Usually 3-4 hours to 1 day
• Post Treatment Symptoms: Itching, swelling, mild erythema and, very rarely, Shortness of Breath and palpitation.
• Warning:If pt has allergic to bean, egg yolk and milk. Avoid the treatment.

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